The Store Room’s Salford team have created some tips for packing your storage unit. To make it simpler, we have split our tips into two sections; things to do at home, and things to do when you’re at the storage unit.


person packing boxes

Before Getting To The Storage Unit

Organise Your Items Before You Arrive

Make sure the items that you will be taking out of your vehicle first, are the bulky and heavy items. These will be the items that you want to put into the storage unit first, and therefore they should be the first things you take out of your vehicle.

Make A List Or Take Photos Of All The Items You’re Putting Into Storage

Helpful to remind you what is in your storage unit and if you need to find something its also helpful to have a note of where inside the storage unit it is (i.e. family photos are in the purple box by the door).

Use Good Quality Storage Boxes

Even better if they are similar size, so they can be easily stacked to save space. Also label everything that is in the box (that way if you need to get something, you can read the list on the outside of the box, rather than having to go through it).

Safely Pack All Items

It’s really important to store sharp and fragile items carefully. Outdoor, sharp equipment like gardening tools should be cleaned before storing, and cutting tools should be lightly oiled. Make sure you wrap all fragile items in suitable amounts of bubble wrap or fabric to protect them, and clearly show where fragile items are on the box (for example using fragile tape, or writing fragile on the box).


self storage room for decluttering at The Store Room

At The Storage Unit

Plan The Layout Of Your Storage Unit

Think about what you will need access to, and the weight of your boxes. Heavy or bulky items that you don’t need access should go at the back of your unit, and lower to the ground. Lighter items or boxes should be placed on top of other boxes. Anything that you will need regular access to should be placed at the front of your storage unit, so it is easy to get to. If there are lots of items you need regular access to it might be worth considering leaving an aisle, so you can easily access everything in your storage unit.

Playing Tetris

Store big items like sofas and mattresses on end to make use of the height in the storage unit. You should also stack chairs pad-to-pad as this will minimise the amount of space you will need and reduce the wasted space in the storage unit.

Make The Most Of Every Space

Don’t leave items like wardrobes, baskets, suitcases or desks empty. Fill drawers, wardrobes, and all available space with other items (it’s often a good idea to wait until you are at the storage unit before filling bulky items of furniture with smaller items, so they’re not too heavy to move to your unit). To make moving into your storage unit easier, The Store Room have trolleys available that you can use free of charge on site.

Protect Your Furniture

We recommend using furniture covers to protect your items whilst they are in storage. At each of our receptions we have mattress covers, sofa covers, tissue paper, corner protectors, mirror/picture boxes to name but a few, as well as a full range of other boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. Just pop in and our friendly staff will be happy to help!

You can also see our full selection of packaging materials online.