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Our Simplest Storage Solution…

Single Item Storage




  • Sometimes our customers just need to store one item. It can be a big or small item, but either way – a full size storage room would be too much space and not cost-effective for what they need.
  • That’s why we have introduced the concept of single item storage – which means you can store the item you need to from just £1.25 per week.
  • You bring your item to your local storage facility (or we can help you arrange transport). It takes 5 minutes to set up the contract, and you just need to bring a photo ID, proof of address and a debit/credit card for the first payment, which is for 4 weeks rent, and a refundable deposit equivalent to 4 weeks rent
  • We label and store your item in a secure, access controlled storage room which only our authorised staff have access to
  • You pay for your storage on a 4-weekly basis by direct debit, and you can end the contract at any point by giving just 2 weeks notice
Small Box (L + W + H = 120 cm or less)£1.25 p/wk
Medium Box (L + W + H = 150 cm or less)£1.75 p/wk
Large Box (L + W + H = 190 cm or less)£2.00 p/wk
Suitcase£2.00 p/wk
Holdall£2.00 p/wk
Tool Box£3.00 p/wk
Golf Clubs£3.00 p/wk
Christmas Tree£3.00 p/wk
Skis£3.00 p/wk
Television£5.00 p/wk
Guitar£5.00 p/wk
Bicycle£5.00 p/wk
Exercise Bike / Cross Trainer£5.00 p/wk
Treadmill£5.00 p/wk
Keyboard£5.00 p/wk
Cot£5.00 p/wk
Weights Bench£5.00 p/wk
Tool Chest£5.00 p/wk
PC Desk£5.00 p/wk
Washing Machine/Dryer£5.00 p/wk
Single Bed£5.00 p/wk
Single Mattress£5.00 p/wk
Fridge (Under Counter)£5.00 p/wk
Fridge (Tall)£6.00 p/wk
Double Bed£6.00 p/wk
Dining Table£6.00 p/wk
Divan Bed Base£6.00 p/wk
Sofa Bed£7.00 p/wk
Double Mattress£7.00 p/wk
2/3 Seater Sofa£7.00 p/wk
Kayak/Canoe£8.00 p/wk

To book your single item storage, just complete the reservation form below and one of our storage specialists will be in touch to finalise your booking – or alternatively you can call a storage specialist on 0330 333 7866 to book over the phone and for answers to any questions you may have.

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    • After you have clicked below to reserve, a storage specialist from your local facility will be in touch to confirm the details of your reservation, and also to discuss transport options if required.
    • Reservations are flexible and can be cancelled at no charge.


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