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Environmental Policy


The Store Room has developed a clear and focused plan to reduce its impact on the environment through improved sustainability initiatives and actions to reduce our carbon footprint.

This policy sets out the key areas where we aim to make a significant impact.


Solar Energy

solar panels on storage building roof

At The Store Room our buildings are able to accommodate solar panels to generate electricity for use within each facility. We are working with a Nationwide supplier to ensure we have the latest and most efficient systems in place across our existing and planned stores, and plan to have solar panels installed on over 80% of our existing buildings within the next 12 months.


Proximity Activated LED Lighting

led lights in storage company corridor

We are introducing energy-saving LED lighting throughout our self-storage facilities. It is estimated that each LED bulb will contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 50 to 70% per unit and plan to have the transition completed within the next 2 years.


Sustainable Construction

building being constructed

All our new state of the art facilities will be built to BREEAM standards ensuring we meet or exceed the most stringent environmental construction standards. We will aim to achieve Net Zero carbon levels in constructing our new facilities.


Electric Car Charging Points

electric car charging

As a standard component of all our new facilities we will install electric car charging points, supplied through our solar panel electricity provision. These will be available free of charge to all customers of The Store Room, including those using our serviced office facilities.


Rainwater Harvesting

rainwater droplets

All new stores will incorporate systems to capture rainwater which is expected to satisfy 100% of the building demand for water supply.



recycled cardboard products

All facilities will aim to support recycling initiatives and will ensure that all packaging materials are sustainably sourced, and customers have access to recycling options for their packaging materials. The Store Room aim to ensure all packaging materials which they sell are sustainably sourced within the next 2 years.


Creating Areas Of Bio-Diversity

image of flowers

At The Store Room’s new facilities we will aim to plant trees, grow hedges and leave areas for wild-growing flowers where possible, so as to contribute to the bio-diversity of the areas in which we operate.


Paperless Operations

paperless storage facility image

The Store Room is continuously striving to reduce the use of paper in its operations, building on significant strides which have already been made. The company will leverage new technologies and processes where appropriate to achieve our aim of minimal use of paper products.


Positive Change

welsome sign at leicester self storage site

At The Store Room we are always seeking to make a positive impact to our environment, our customers and our employees. An important aspect of this objective is our environmental policy which aims to achieve net carbon neutrality across the business alongside which we wish to be seen as a positive contributor through our actions to initiatives within the communities which we serve.


This policy was last updated on 26 January 2022.