The Leicester self storage team has answered Google’s most searched questions about self storage. Take a look, and if we still haven’t answered your question give us a call on 0330 333 7866.


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What is self storage?

Self storage is where we provide you with a safe, secure and accessible room to store items that are important to you. We then look after the items like they were our own for as long or short as you need us to.


What are self storage units?

A self storage unit is the room which you rent out – these vary in size and are dependent on your needs. At The Store Room we are very flexible and work with you to make sure you get the right size unit, and if your storage needs change we are happy to accommodate with a bigger or smaller unit.


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How do I know what room size I need?

We have a convenient blog post to help you decide what storage room size you need, or you can visit our online quote system and take a look at our sizes there. You can also call 0330 333 7866 to speak to a local storage specialist, and of course you also have the option to visit your local storage site and one of our team will show you the sizes we have available and advise you on the best options for your needs.


How does self storage work?

We have PIN-controlled access doors that lead to the self storage rooms. Once set up on the security systems, you can come and go as you please – access is free and unlimited during our opening hours and we are open 7 days a week. Only you (or people you authorise) have access to your storage room. The padlock is your own and you keep the key.


Is self storage complicated?

No – it takes just 5 minutes to set up a contract and you are taken through it by one of our team. On move in day there’s just a few things you need to bring with you, and when you contact our team, we will take you through what you need to bring.


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Is self storage VATable?

Yes, at The Store Room we charge VAT, so if you are a business you can claim it back.


Is self storage expensive?

No, The Store Room has units starting from around £1.50 per day – less than your daily cup of coffee!


How does self storage insurance work?

The Store Room includes standard insurance cover in the price of you unit. Our storage specialists will explain the insurance options to you when you enquire with us or make a booking.



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Who uses a self storage unit?

Over half a million people use self storage in the UK every year. There are a number of reasons why people use it; for example, they are in between properties and moving, they need more space and want to declutter, they are downsizing or they might be having renovations done at home. Many large and small businesses also use self storage.


Can you use self storage as a workshop?

Yes, you can use self storage as a workshop – some of our sites have dedicated workshop units. We offer storage options to businesses for all sizes, take a look at our business storage section for more details.