Despite the contradicting recent weather, Spring is finally here!

A classic tradition is the spring clean – thoroughly cleaning your house in springtime. Spring cleaning is deep cleaning; sofas are moved and cleaned under, shelves are dusted, cupboards are examined and contents culled, and wardrobes decluttered. Our Leicester self storage team have put together a few ideas to help you with the spring clean for 2022.



Cleaning window sill
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Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Cleaning your entire house can be overwhelming (not to mention, exhausting, and time consuming), so split the tasks up room by room. This is also acts as a huge motivator because once one room is done, you want every room to look as good as the one that’s been done.


Sort Through Your Wardrobe

Try and go through your whole wardrobe and get rid (throw away, rehome, or give items charity) of any clothes that you don’t wear any more. You could even follow Marie Kondo’s method for getting rid of clothes, and helping you to declutter your home. Pack those winter clothes that you are keeping away into a box so that you can make way for your spring/summer clothes – you might want to keep a few key winter pieces through – we are in England after all!


Sort Seasonal Items

Next you need to sort out any other seasonal items that can be put away for the foreseeable future. Go to the loft, under-the-stairs cupboard, or wherever you keep your Christmas decorations, and make sure they are packed away into a box. Then collect all your bulky winter coats and pack them away into another box.



Baby Clothes For Storage

Sentimental Items

Some items you come across while spring cleaning are sentimental but it’s entirely impractical to keep all of them in your home (such as children’s artwork, photo albums, travel souvenirs and baby clothes). You could take a picture of the original, or alternatively you could package them up and keep them safe in a storage unit.


Store Your Items

After you have boxed everything up that you won’t need until next year or that you want to keep but don’t have space for at home, drop them off at your local self storage facility. You can easily get a price for a storage unit online, arrange with our friendly team when you want to come down to drop off your items, and then store them safely and securely with The Store Room.


Deep Clean

Once everything is out of the way, it is much easier to deep clean your house. As mentioned previously, focus on one room at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. Consider what items need moving and cleaning under, cleaning on top of cabinets, dusting, and wiping surfaces that you normally forget. Try not to spend too long on each room or you will get demotivated.


Have a great spring clean, and The Store Room is here for any storage needs you have!