The Store Room are very proud to announce our new partnership with Simon on the Streets, a homeless charity based in Leeds and Bradford.

About Simon on the Streets

The charity offers both practical and emotional support to the homeless community in these areas, through outreach work directly on the streets, and assisting with finding both temporary and more permanent accommodation.

The COVID-19 crisis left the homeless community particularly vulnerable, as they are easily exposed and have no place to self-isolate. Thankfully, the Government put in place a scheme called Everyone In, housing the homeless community in temporary accommodation for the pandemic. Unfortunately, this scheme has now come to an end, and so – with the virus showing no sign of going away just yet – Simon on the Streets needs donations now more than ever.

Simon on the Streets and The Store Room

For both current and new customers at our Leeds and Bradford sites, we have set up an easy way for them to donate to the charity. We are providing the facility for customers to add a small regular donation to their storage bill, from as little as £1, of which 100% will go straight to Simon on the Streets. These regular contributions will be a massive help to the charity – here is a sense of what the money can do:

£5 – this would provide a cup of tea and a sandwich to engage a rough sleeper;

£10 – this would provide hot drinks for 40 people who are homeless or vulnerably housed;

£15 – this would provide someone a phone with credit, to help the charity stay in contact with them and remind them of their appointments.

If you are a customer at either our Leeds storage facility or Bradford storage facility and interested in a making a regular donation, then get in touch with your site team about adding this to your account.

Alternatively, if you wish to make a one-off donation to the charity, this can be done here.

The Store Room are very proud to be supporting such an important cause, and we are greatly looking forward to our involvement with the charity in the future!