We are always interested in why our customers use our services. Over the years, we have built up a pretty good list of the reasons why people may need to use  services at many self-storage sites around the UK. In this post we wanted to let you in on some of the major reasons why people have chosen to use our Manchester site, located on Eccles New Road in Salford, and what thinking is involved when our clients decide to to finally sort through all of the ‘stuff’ they have been collecting in their house or apartment.

One of the main reasons we found for people using our self storage rooms was financial. Whilst you might be thinking that storage at our Manchester location itself costs money, we found that self storage can actually help people save and even make money in the long run. For example, when someone is selling their house, de-cluttering excess furniture and items from the property gives a greater feeling of space when showing the property off during viewings, and this is generally seen as increasing the chances of getting a faster sale and a sale value that comes in nearer your asking price. Another financially motivated reason for using self storage we found was that, in general, having a good sort through your items, helps you become more organised and avoids the chances of duplicate purchases. People may also find that they have items that they have completely forgotten about, which they can use again or can pass on to a family member or friend who may need it which in turn saves them a bit of money.

Time was the second reason that we found customers were using our self storage site in Manchester. Having an orderly and clutter-free home can save massive amounts of time when searching for that item that you just know you have but can’t locate – especially if you have kids!

Peace of mind was another reason we found people using one of our storage units – clearing out and sorting out can make you feel so much better.

Whatever the reason for thinking of using self storage in Manchester (or at any of our locations), our staff will be able to expertly assess what storage solution is best for you and give you the right option for solving your problem.

Do you have any other reasons why you have needed to use self-storage services in the past.  We love to hear your ideas and success stories.