With the current trend of hybrid working and working form home, The Store Room’s storage specialists from Leicester have put together a few ideas of things to focus on when trying to create a productive home working environment.

Under stairs home office

Space Requirements

The first thing to consider when you are creating the perfect home office is to think about what it is that you need from the space. Some individuals might just need their laptop, but others might need extra screens or an area to pack orders if you are running an online business. Consider things like noise levels, power outlets, workable area, distractions, natural light and so on, so that you can create a work environment which suits your particular needs.


One of the most important things about your home office is being comfortable and making sure you have a suitable set up. Make sure that your space allows your back and neck to be straight (e.g. not looking down at a laptop screen), and that your arms are parallel to the floor.

You can use this workspace planner to calculate the best ergonomics for your body.

Additionally, invest in comfortable seating that supports your back while you work. Also, pay attention to back, thigh and arm supports while making the decision on which chair will be best for you.


Home office by window with potted plant


Whilst this can be the most exciting part of your home office set up, it’s also important to get it right because it links to ergonomics. For example, having a second monitor that is raised to your eye height, instead of using your laptop that rests at table level means that your neck should be kept straight and reduces strain on the area.

Other ergonomic technologies include standing desks, which allow your body to move around during the day rather than being stationary which can cause strain.

You can also invest in wireless technologies to keep a clear space and help with productivity. For example, you could have a wireless charging pad for your phone, which really helps with cable management. Another key consideration is internet speed – saving a few pounds on a broadband package is nothing compared to time wasted as websites load on a poor connection!


The best thing about a home office is you can set it up and decorate it however you want – as it’s yours! You can bring in whatever colours you like, hang photos and motivational or inspirational posters, or even bring in some potted house plants! House plants are an easy way to get colour into your working environment and studies have shown that it can also increase productivity by up to 15%. The Store Room has written another blog post about the easiest houseplants to look after so be sure to take a look if you don’t know what would suit you best!


hom eoffice with lots of plants and decoration


Most of our homes don’t have a spare room readily available for us to just create a home office in, so you will need to find a space that will be suitable. You could for example clear the area under the stairs, and put that stuff into storage (The Store Room can help with that!), so that you can fit in a desk and create a suitable workspace.

Once you have that space, use smart storage solutions to help you keep everything you need in that workspace, without making your office look cluttered.


Top Tips

  • Try to segregate your workspace and living space – this isn’t always possible if you have less space in your home, but in these cases try to create a mental separation so that you can still relax in your home rather than thinking about work.
  • Try to maintain your office hours – this can help you create a good routine and provide that separation between home and work life.
  • If you live with other people, come to an agreement about when you can be disturbed and when you can’t.
  • Keep your office in a ‘ready’ state – take an extra five minutes when you have finished your day to get it set up for the next day, this means you can start working immediately rather than procrastinating for 15 minutes (or longer!) when you start working.