The Store Room in Leeds and Bradford are delighted to continue their support of Simon on the Streets, which is a charity that supports the homeless community in Leeds, Bradford, and Kirklees. We were delighted to receive the below certificate and couldn’t be more proud to be supporting such a worthy cause.

Simon On The Streets Charity Support Certificate

Homelessness In The UK

The UK is ranked as one of the richest countries in the world, so it is difficult to imagine that we are facing a poverty and homeless crisis. Below are some UK specific homeless statistics:

  • 976 people in the UK died while homeless in 2020 – that is a 37% increase from 2019.
  • 1 in 4 females sleeping rough have been sexually assaulted.
  • Someone sleeping rough is nine times more likely to die by suicide than a member of the public.
  • The average age of death for people who are homeless is between 43 and 45 years old.

Being homeless doesn’t mean just sleeping on the streets, there are different types of homelessness:

Rough Sleeping: The most visible form of homelessness as individuals sleep on the streets. Many suffer from physical and mental health conditions, and are at risk of experiencing violence and abuse.

Hidden Homeless: The majority of people are classified as hidden homeless who are hidden from official statistics because they might not approach councils for help. They could be sofa surfing, sleeping in unsuitable housing such as squats, or staying in hostels, and many have previously slept rough.

In Temporary Accommodation: A person may stay in temporary accommodation for just one night or an indefinite amount of time, but still are considered homeless. There are different types of temporary accommodation which include night shelters, hostels, B&B’s, women’s refugees and private housing.


Simon on the Streets volunteer - taken from their Instagram
Simon on the Streets Volunteer: Credit Simon on the Streets Instagram

About Simon On The Streets

Simon on the Streets work hard to offer practical and emotional support to the homeless community. The teams in Leeds, Bradford and Kirklees work with individuals who are homeless and rough sleeping, including finding those who are hidden homeless or working with those in temporary accommodation.

All services offered by Simon on the Streets are delivered on an outreach basis directly on the streets, ensuring that they support individuals who are homeless and may not be engaging with other services.

Simon on the Streets use their outreach program to find individuals who need help, and offer them practical support. Their Instagram shows their activities on their outreach program, and it is clear that the work that Simon on the Streets does, is imperative for the homeless community.


Our Involvement

The Store Room is a ‘5 for 5 Corporate Partner’, which means we have committed to donating £500 per year for 5 years. This longer-term commitment to donate for five years is hugely valuable for Simon on the Streets as it provides them with long term, regular financial income which they can use to support those who need it most and make plans for the future, as the work they do is ongoing.


Useful Links

Donate to Simon on the Streets.

Visit the Simon on the Streets fundraising page, which is full of great ideas on how to raise money to support the charity.

You can also follow them on Instagram to see what they are up to in the local community.