With this year’s Formula 1 returning to our screens on Sunday (20th May), and Netflix’s series ‘Drive To Survive’ being released last weekend, The Store Room has F1 fever! So much so that Salford’s self storage team decided to look at Formula 1 through the eyes of self storage – and we’re pretty sure this has never been done before.


McLaren Technology Centre
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

McLaren Technology Centre

The McLaren Technology Centre, located in Woking, Surrey, is 500,000 square metres – approximately equivalent to 5,400,000 sq ft. That means that The Store Room could fit our upcoming flagship facility in Solihull into the McLaren Technology Centre 61 times! Imagine what you could do with all that space!


Mercedes AMG F1 Car

What Size Storage Unit Would You Need To Store A Formula 1 Car?

We don’t actually store cars at The Store Room, but if we did, a Formula 1 car is roughly 2 meters by 3.8 meters (based on the 2021 Mercedes F1 car), and therefore would need a 100 sq ft storage unit to keep it safe and secure! This would allow for a bit of extra room to walk around and work on the car too (and let’s forget about the fact that you couldn’t really drive it down our corridors!).


Ferrari Pit Stop

F1 And Its Data Storage

Each car has around 150 sensors (located all over the car, from the brakes to monitoring temperature) which measure its performance. A race weekend generates roughly 30GB of data and the teams usually have a converged ‘half-rack’ formed of servers, storage and connectivity. This is made up from 25TB of server storage, 10 ethernet switches and 30 virtual machines, and has been reduced from their original server requirements of 5 full racks! Just goes to show how advancements in technology help save space for storage!


Red Bull F1 Car and DHL sponsor signage

How Much Space Is Need To Transport An F1 Team?

Each team transports roughly 50 tons of cargo per year, which can cost over $8 million in transport costs! DHL use six or seven Boeing 747’s per event to transport the cargo to each race. Each 747 can hold up to 3,477 sq ft of space, so up to 24,339 sq ft of space is needed to transport all F1 items to each destination (and that’s just what they send by air freight!). Watch DHL pack a Boeing 747 Freight flight.




Silverstone Garage Sizes

At the Silverstone Race Track each team has their own garage that looks out onto the pit lane. The garages are 55 ft x 25 ft (1,375 sq ft). That’s the equivalent of enough storage space for nine 3-bedroom houses! For just one garage!

It’s clear that Formula 1 needs a lot more space than the average individual, but whatever your storage needs, The Store Room is keen to help keep your belongings safe and secure – so if you have a storage problem and need a solution – get in touch today!