After the excitement of Christmas and New Year, a lot of us are feeling the ‘January Blues’, so our Salford team have come up with some great ideas to boost your mood a little!


Sunlight coming through trees

Get Outside

It can be difficult to get outside when it’s cold and wet, but lack of sunlight is one of the reasons that people are likely to suffer the January Blues. Try to arrange outdoor activities to do in your free time, and invite your friends along too. You could go for a walk, visit somewhere new, or even go to a wildlife park (but don’t forget to wrap up warm)!


Focus On Your New Years Resolution

43% of people expect to give up their New Years Resolution after the first month. Try and focus on your resolution to make sure that it’s something you can realistically stick to, for example, if your resolution is to eat more healthily, then you can research different dishes that you would like to make, and plan when you want to make them. Alternatively if your resolution is to learn a new skill use January to work on it and track your progress – this should also increase motivation and your sense of achievement as you get close to your goal.


Feeling Less Motivated Is Normal

At this time of year it is very common for people to feel less motivated – there are actually biological reasons why you may feel less energised, for example low levels of vitamin D. Understanding that it is normal to feel less motivated, that many people experience those feelings, and being able to talk about it with friends and family can often help you feel better.


Chopping board with herbs and other cooking ingredients

See What’s On In Your Area

Take a look at what is going on in your local area. January is a great time to see what’s coming up in the year ahead and make plans for what you would like to do. You could go and visit the arts centre, have a night out at the cinema, take a class for something (cooking, music, a language, etc.), plan to spend an evening with friends, or go and enjoy some live music. Having plans to look forward to can often boost your mood.


Plan A Day Trip

Plan a fun day trip to somewhere – it doesn’t need to be far away! English Heritage sites are often a great way to get outside, learn something new, and enjoy a day out. With over 400 historic sites, and a range of events, there will be something that you can do with friends or family. National Trust also have lots of locations for you to visit – find out what’s near you and see what piques your interest.