van conversion image by the sea

After a difficult year of being stuck inside, many of us are ready to go away and explore; whether that’s in the UK or beyond! One increasingly popular choice is going travelling in a van conversion.

Whether you choose to buy a van or take on the challenge of building it for yourself, here are 5 things to consider before you commit to van life.

What do I need to take with me?

Living in a van means you’ll need to be very selective about what you take with you. There are many packing lists, and guides about the essential gadgets for van life, so have a look and decide what’s right for you, your van, and your journey – it’s unlikely you’ll be needing a bikini if you’re travelling around Scotland in November!

What about all my belongings?

Some people are ready to fully embrace van life and live a more minimalistic lifestyle, however others choose to rent their house out while they are away – this provides a little extra income for the van too! You can also use a self storage unit to keep your possessions safe while traveling, for example, our Leeds storage facility has recently had a number of customers use their services for this exact reason! There’s lots of variety depending on how much you need to store, and with pricing starting from just a few pounds per week, it’s an affordable way to keep your possessions safe, and give you peace of mind while you’re having adventures and making memories.

person working from a van conversion

How will I make money?

If you’re planning on travelling for a while (or indefinitely) then you might to consider how you can make this sustainable and think about ways of making an income. While it is possible to work from your van, you may need to consider adapting it to have a sufficient power supply. Alternatively, you could consider using a coworking space if they are available in the places you are visiting, with many providers offering multiple locations under one membership – so you can still travel while you work!

How will I know where to stay overnight?

If you don’t fancy being disturbed and want to avoid any parking penalties, then you could download an app that recommends overnight sleeping and parking spots. There are so many different apps out there that you can use – just do a quick Google search for ‘Campervan overnight parking app’ and your location and it will give you a list of the best options.

What should I budget for?

Creating a budget is a good way of helping you plan and see if van life is sustainable for you. There are several costs to consider like monthly bills (phone, insurance, subscriptions etc.), annual bills (car insurance, road tax, MOT), and variable costs (fuel, campsite expenses, washing clothes, food, general supplies and maintenance).

If you’re interested in van life but not ready to fully commit just yet, why not try it out first – Outdoorsy is one website where you can hire other peoples van and see if it suits you.