manchester storage with what3words code

At The Store Room we are very lucky in that our self storage facilities are all located in prominent and easy-to-find locations. With that said, we are always looking for new ways for our customers to easily find us. That’s why in this post we wanted to let you know about a new way which you can find your way exactly to the front door of reception at each of our sites! That’s where what3words comes in.

As the company itself says, street adresses weren’t designed for 2021. They are not accurate enough to cope with the modern demands of deliveries and people’s need to accurately be able to find something or someone. One of the main thrusts behind the service was to make it easier for people to be located by the emergency services, and that same technology can also be applied accross the world.

How It Works

With what3words, the world is divided into 3 metre x 3 metre squares, and each square is given a unique three word combination. This makes it much easier to locate exactly what you are looking for. You can use what3words on a computer, and they also have Apple and Android smartphone apps. You may have the three word combination already and need to locate it on a map, or you can search the map and find what the three word combination is for the exact spot you are looking for.

The app has been reviewed positively by a number of publications. For example, The Financial Times called it “one of the cleverest technologies thay have seen”, and The Economist dubbed it “ingenious”.

How To Find Our Storage Locations

Below we have listed the what3words codes which will get you to the front door of the receptions of our self storage facilities – you can also click the link to find us on the map!

Manchester Storage Facility///joke.pump.sparks 

Leeds Storage Facility///mint.backed.learn

Bradford Storage Facility///bonds.status.zest

Preston Storage Facility///bulb.spirit.pouch

Leicester Storage Facility///switch.dices.clues

Rotherham Storage Facility///when.festivity.boring


Now that you can easily find us (!), you are more than welcome to visit our self storage facilities to view the storage units in person – but before you do that, feel free to give us a call on 0330 333 7866.

Alternatively, you can view the storage unit sizes online and get an instant price by clicking here.