Renting a new property can be daunting, especially when it’s your first time. This is something we are well aware of at The Store Room self storage company, as plenty of our customers use our facilities between moves. We’ve put together a quick list of things you should consider when renting a new property:

1. Pets

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Let’s start with the cute stuff – if you have a pet, or are planning on getting one whilst in the property, make sure you ask the landlord about this straight away. If having pets is against your tenancy agreement, this can lead to significant issues and potential eviction down the line. (We consider ourselves cat-lovers here at The Store Room – especially the team at our Preston self storage facility!)

2. Damp

Now the not-so-cute stuff – damp is a problem in many rented properties, and can lead to big issues such as mould, or damage to the structure of the property. If you see anything that looks like it could be damp (pay extra attention around the windows and in the corners of ceilings) then make sure you ask about what the cause of the issue is and when it is being resolved.

3. The Appliances

Make sure that you have a look at all of the appliances, especially the fridge, cooker, and shower. These are important aspects of a home! If you spot any issues, or think that they could do with being replaced – such as the fridge not being big enough for the number of tenants – then have a word with the landlord and discuss the possibilities. If you agree that the landlord will provide a replacement, make sure you get this in writing before signing the lease!

4. Storage Space

Obviously we would write about this one! It isn’t necessary to have loads of kitchen cupboard space however, there should be sufficient space for the number of people moving into the property. Especially if this is a student household, making sure that you pick a property with enough storage space will save arguments later down the line. But remember, anything you can’t fit into the property, get in touch with The Store Room and see how we can help you in terms of renting a great-value self storage unit!

5. What Comes With The Flat

In addition to thinking about storage, make sure you know what comes with the flat. At a viewing, be sure to check what furniture is actually included, as some of it may belong to the previous tenants.

6. What Can Be Brought In & Decorating

Check that you can decorate your room or put the decorations into self storage, until the next property

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On the other hand, some landlords do not want extra furniture to be brought into the flat at all. It is worth checking whether you are allowed to bring in new furniture, as well as what the rules are on decorating the walls. This will avoid any deductions from your deposit for damaged paint or chipped skirting boards when it comes to your move-out day. If you aren’t allowed to bring in your own furniture, check out our Single Item Storage service!

7. Location

This point is very important: make sure that you have spent some time looking around the area, and consider what factors are the most important for you. Do you need a supermarket within walking distance? Do you want to be near pubs and cafés? What are the local transport links like?

Also, consider what type of household you are, and whether you will be a good fit in the area. Are you a social household and will be having parties, but the area is predominantly young families? Or are you looking for a quiet neighbourhood, and the area is mostly students? These are important factors to consider, as having a good relationship with your neighbours will make your life a lot easier.

8. Deposit

If you go ahead with signing that lease, make sure you know where your deposit is going to be held. Landlords or agencies must use a government-approved secure deposit scheme, meaning that you know the money is safe, and it cannot be withheld unreasonably. Landlords are required to do this by law, so make sure that yours does!