Self storage has featured across our TV and cinema screens for years, from storing a severed human head for Dr Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs, to providing secure protection for James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 in Skyfall. At The Store Room self storage company,  however, we have been reflecting on times from our favourite films and TV shows where the characters could have benefited from using self storage.

1. Friends – “The One with the Dirty Girl”

The first on our list is from the all-time classic TV show Friends. If you’ve seen this show (once, or twice… or 25 times), we’re sure that this episode will have stuck with you. In “The One with the Dirty Girl”, Ross has a new girlfriend called Cheryl, who is seemingly perfect. This is until Ross goes back to her apartment, and finds that it is completely disgusting.

Messy apartment should have used self storage

Credit: Favourite Videos

As well as being in need of a good clean, The Store Room’s storage specialists based at the Preston self storage facility have had a look, and have reached the conclusion that Cheryl is in need of a serious de-clutter – she clearly has too many clothes to fit in her wardrobe, and cannot find any space to hang her washing.

This is where self storage comes in handy! At The Store Room, many of our customers use our facilities to store possessions that they want to hold on to, but just cannot find the space for in their house or flat. We offer units from 25 square feet and larger, as well as Single Item Storage and Storage By The Box for when you are not needing a full-sized unit.

So, maybe if Cheryl had made use of self storage, then her and Ross would have worked out. Actually, that would mean no Ross and Rachel… we take it back!

2. 27 Dresses

Next up is the 2008 rom-com 27 Dresses, staring Katherine Heigl and James Marsden. Heigl plays unlucky-in-love Jane, who has been a bridesmaid for 27 weddings but is yet to find love. In one scene, Jane shows love-interest Kevin (played by Marsden) her wardrobe, which is full to the brim of her old bridesmaid dresses.

Wardrobe full of dresses need storage

Credit: Love is Beautiful

Clearly, Jane cherishes these memories and does not want to part with the dresses. But look at all that space they are taking up in her (very large) Rhode Island apartment, and think about what she could use that valuable real estate for!

Our storage specialists at The Store Room have had a look at this scene, and recommend that a 25 square foot storage unit would be sufficient. The dresses would of course be kept safe, clean, and dry in the secure units at The Store Room.

3. The Woman in Black

Third, we have the classic GCSE curriculum piece The Woman in Black, in particular the 2012 remake starring Daniel Radcliffe. Radcliffe plays a lawyer, Arthur Kipps, who is sent to a suitably terrifying house to settle the estate of an elderly and reclusive widow.

House full of stuff should be put in storage

Credit: Roadshow Films

A tragic and horrifying chain of events follow. Now, we know it is obviously crucial to the plot that the house is full of those creepy dolls. But, think about how nice that house could be if they just had a bit of a clear up and popped that stuff into storage.

Our storage specialists have had quick look and reckon, even though there is a lot of stuff, a 50 square foot unit would do! At The Store Room we would never try to give you more space than you need…

4. The 40 Year-Old Virgin

Finally – a favourite at The Store Room – The 40 Year-Old Virgin. In this 2005 film, we see Steve Carell playing Andy, a clerk at an electronic goods store. In one scene, Andy has secured a date with love-interest Trish, who is picking him up from his home. Before her arrival, Andy’s friends warn him that the extensive number of collectable items around his home will be not attractive for Trish.

Collection or toys and memorabilia needing self storage

Credit: Movieclips

In the next scene, Andy opens the door to Trish, and behind him is a completely empty room, cleared of not just the collectables but also the furniture.

Empty house everything in self storage

Credit: Movieclips

This last-minute, and probably stressful, re-organising of Andy’s home could have been avoided by the collectible items being kept in storage. The end of the film reveals (*spoiler alert*) that the collectible items are sold for over USD$500,000. Storing the items at The Store Room wouldn’t have been a problem, as our sites have 24-hour CCTV, PIN-controlled access to the storage rooms, and state-of-the-art intruder alarms.

So, there you have it – just a few of the many times that self storage could have been used. They must not have heard about what we have on offer at The Store Room.