Single Item Storage


2 August, 2020

A New Storage Concept

At The Store Room we are always looking at ways to expand our services to meet our customers’ needs. That’s why we’re delighted to be introducing the concept of Single Item Storage.

Sometimes you will only need to store one item, and if that is the case, a full size self storage unit would be more than required and wouldn’t be cost effective.

For example, you may have a bulky item that you only use at certain times of year and it would be convenient to keep it somewhere other than your home. This might be set of golf clubs or a kayak or even a set of skis!

Alternatively you may need to store an item you have bought until you can use it or move it to your house – like a new sofa or washing machine.

There are an endless number of circumstances where single item storage is the perfect solution.

So – with that in mind you can now store just a single item at The Store Room at a fantastic cost effective price…

How It Works

You simply go to our dedicated single item storage page here on the website, complete the reservation form, and then one of our trained storage specialists will be in touch to confirm the details and talk you through the process.

We have a pre-defined list of some of the common individual items which people often need to store, but if your item is not on the list, just let us know and we will give you a price.

You can bring the item to one of our storage locations yourself or we can advise on transport options available.

Your item is labelled and stored within a secure, access controlled storage unit which is only accessed by our staff. You pay on a four-weekly basis and you can end the storage rental at any time by giving 2 weeks notice. You can of course access the item whenever you wish, should you need to take it out temporarily – for example for a round of golf!

Items You Can Store

We offer single item storage for the following items – if your item is not on the list, simply give us a call on 0330 333 7866.

Small Box £1.25 p/wk
Medium Box £1.75 p/wk
Large Box £2.00 p/wk
Suitcase £2.00 p/wk
Holdall £2.00 p/wk
Golf Clubs £3.00 p/wk
Christmas Tree £3.00 p/wk
Tool Box £3.00 p/wk
Television £5.00 p/wk
Bike £5.00 p/wk
Guitar £5.00 p/wk
Keyboard £5.00 p/wk
Cot £5.00 p/wk
Weights Bench £6.50 p/wk
Tool Chest £6.50 p/wk
PC Desk £6.50 p/wk
Washing Machine £6.50 p/wk
Fridge £7.50 p/wk
Dining Table £7.50 p/wk
Divan Bed £7.50 p/wk
Sofa Bed £7.50 p/wk
2/3 Seater Sofa £7.50 p/wk
Treadmill £7.50 p/wk
Skis £3.00 p/wk
Kayak/Canoe £8.00 p/wk
Tyres (each) £2.00 p/wk


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