Using self storage to help when moving houseCustomers use our services for a variety of reasons – so we thought that we would bring you a real world example of how two of our customers used our Leeds self storage facility to solve the storage problem which they had…

The Problem

Josh and Melanie lived in the Morley area of Leeds in rented accommodation, and were buying their first home together which was located near Leeds city centre. Their rental agreement ended at the end of August, however their new house was not going to be able to be moved into until the end of October (it was a new build and the building work had over-run)!

Luckily, they could stay with Melanie’s parents during this gap in their move, however they needed somewhere to put their furniture and belongings.

That’s where The Store Room came in!

The Self Storage Solution

Our Leeds self storage site was in an ideal location for Josh and Melanie, as they were moving out of the Morley area (which The Store Room is close to) and they both worked as retail managers at The White Rose Shopping Centre, which our site is only 500 yards away from.

They called into the storage site and spoke to our highly experienced storage specialist Rachel, who first established what items they needed to store, showed them the size which she had recommended (a 75 sq ft storage room) and then explained how the process works and highlighted the security features and ease of access of the site.

Rachel was able to offer Josh and Melanie a 50% discount for up to 8 weeks of storage, which tied in perfectly with how long they needed the storage for. At this point they reserved the storage room  by paying a £10 deposit, and Rachel explained that the reservation was flexible, so if they needed to change the move-in date, this could be done easily and at no charge.

So… How Did It Work Out?

Josh and Melanie moved into storage on the weekend after they had reserved, and were able to do all of their moving in one trip as they had hired a ‘Luton’ van for the day.

Melanie said, “The experience of moving into storage was really easy, especially as we were able to use the flatbed trolleys which they had on-site free of charge. Rachel’s colleagues Richard and Andy were there to answer any questions, and they even made us a coffee! When we were done we locked our room with our own padlock and left with complete peace of mind that our items would be looked after – it really helped to take the stress out of moving”.

After approximately 8 weeks of being in storage, Josh and Melanie were ready to move out of storage. This time they hired a local removal company which The Store Room had recommended and their items were into their new home and ready to be unpacked in only a few hours.

The couple were delighted with their experience using self storage as it meant that they could still move into the house they had set their heart on, without having to commit to a new rental agreement, which would have cost them dearly.

Josh commented when they were moving out of their storage room that they may even come back to rent a smaller room on a long term basis for excess items which they didn’t want cluttering up their shiny new home!

If you think self storage could be of benefit to you, call your local storage specialist on 0330 333 7866 to discuss your options.