We Love Hoarders Here At The Store Room Self Storage Company

Whether you just have a few boxes lying around or whether the camera crew from ‘Britain’s Biggest Hoarders’ are about to knock on your door, we can all agree that clutter is bad for the mind and bad for your general productivity.

We would also agree that there is a big difference between the compulsive hoarders who we see on our television screens in the slew of recent ‘fly-on-the-wall’ hoarding shows, and people who could just use a bit more organisation and space in their homes. If you are the former you probably need some help from the TV people, but if you are the latter you are probably someone who has just let the space you have in your home fill up over time and you’ve ‘just not got around’ to dealing with it. You are more than likely using spare rooms, garages, cubby holes, wardrobes, airing cupboards and landings to store things, when there is so much more that you could do with that space.


Imagine What You Could Do With That Extra Space…

Here at The Store Room self storage company, we have a growing number of customers who are using our services in order to de-clutter their homes and get some space back in their lives. A few examples of peoples’ situations that we hear often include:

“I could really do with an office at home for my business, but my spare room is full!”.

“We’re looking to put our house on the market, but first we want to clear out any clutter to make it look as clean, bright and big as possible…”.

“I’ve started selling on eBay and it’s going well – I just don’t have enough space at home for my stock any longer – it’s everywhere.”

“The kids have now all left home but over the years we’ve filled their old bedrooms with things we’ve collected and kept from when they were young. We want to downsize now that there’s just the two of us left – but we don’t want to get rid of our memories”.

All these situations are ones that our storage specialists deal with regularly (we have been established since 2007 so there’s not much we haven’t heard!), and our job is to find the right storage solution for each individual customer.

Giving You Back Your Space (And Maybe Your Sanity)…

We provide clean, dry and secure storage rooms in a variety of sizes – and the size you need will depend on how much you have that you need to store and what you want to do with it. Our sizes range from small storage lockers and 25 sq ft rooms (imagine a large walk-in wardrobe) to rooms which are the size of a double garage (and we have even bigger rooms available). Our staff will assess what you have and recommend the size that is best for you. 80% of people think they need more storage space than they actually do, so after a no-obligation chat with one of our team, many people are surprised at what size room they actually require and what good value for money self storage really is.

When you rent a room at The Store Room you are in complete control. Once you are set up on our security system you can come and go to your storage room as often as you like, and we even have trolleys available to use free of charge to make things really easy. We have CCTV, state-of-the-art alarm systems and PIN-controlled access to storage rooms – this is all in place so that our customers have complete peace of mind of knowing that their belongings are safe.

Whether you consider yourself a hoarder or not, our aim is to make you feel that having a storage room with us is just like having another room to your house – but with the benefit of not having to see your excess items every day.  Renting a storage room means you can deal with your things on your own terms in your own time –  in short, The Store Room puts you in control.

If you think a self storage room could help you or a friend out, then please get in touch.