Finding the storage room for you

Here at The Store Room self storage company one of the questions we get asked most frequently is “What size do I need?”. People who use us while moving house or de-cluttering will see all their items spread across their property and sometimes it can be difficult for the to properly envisage what space they would all fit into. This is where we come in. At each of our locations we have a team of storage specialists whose job it is to make sure you get the storage room size that is right for you (and we will always suggest the smallest size possible for you so that you never pay for space that you will not use). When you make an enquiry with us we will take you through step-by-step the items that you have and recommend the best option.

Estimating the self storage space you need

Sometimes people just want a quick idea of roughly the space and room size that they will need. That’s why we have a website storage room size estimator where you can flick through the sizes we have and get a brief description of each one – you can then go on to get a quote for that size and reserve your space right there on our website for FREE. When you reserve a member of our team will still give you a call to make sure the room is right for your requirements so you have the peace of mind knowing your room is suitable and ready for you from whenever you need it. Here’s a quick summary from Dan at our Manchester self storage site of the room sizes we offer and brief description of each to start you off:

Storage Locker

This small storage unit will fit approximately 6 – 8 medium sized boxes – perfect if you have just a few personal possessions you want to keep safe and secure.

25 sq ft storage room

This is one of our most popular room sizes. A standard sofa turned up on it’s end will easily fit inside and then there will even be space left for your other items. Imagine a quarter of a single garage in your head.

50 sq ft storage room

This one is about half the size of a single garage and you will be surprised how much you can fit in it. Don’t forget – using the height of the storage room (up to 9 ft at some locations) can save you a lot of space you if you plan and stack your things well it will seem like you are moving into a Tardis!

75 sq ft storage room

Popular with both domestic household customers and business storage customers alike, this size is estimated to fit the contents of a two-bedroom apartment.

100 sq ft storage room

This size is equivalent to a single garage space and is often the choice that is right for people who are moving house and need storage in between properties. It is estimated that this size will fit the contents of a normal two bedroom house.

150 sq ft room

We estimate that our 150 sq ft storage room will hold the contents of a three bedroom house so imagine a ‘garage and a half’ when picturing the size.

200 sq ft and above

As well as our main room sizes listed above we have a huge range of other storage room sizes that are bigger than these. These larger units are most often in demand from local businesses who use us to for example store stock, equipment, tools or archives. You’d be surprised at the range and diversity of firms that use us!

Part of the package

Included with all of the room sizes we offer is 24 hour CCTV coverage, PIN controlled access to storage rooms, state-of-the-art alarm systems, flat-bed trolleys to move your items, as well as, of course, helpful and friendly staff on site at all times when we are open.

The above guide is designed to give you a taster of the size options we have available here at The Store Room – but if there’s one thing we’ve realised over the years it’s that everyone’s requirements are different and that’s why our staff will always help you get the right size for your individual needs, so if you’re thinking about storage for you or your business please get in touch with your local site on the number at the top right of the page for a no-obligation chat!