New Year, New Start, New Storage!

Now that we’ve gotten Christmas and New Year out of the way, this is the time when a lot of people start to think about their goals for the coming year and what they would like to achieve – especially when it comes to their homes and living spaces. We caught up with the team at our Leeds storage site to ask them for their advice on using a personal storage room to free up space at home and why this can be beneficial, and here’s a summary of what they said…

How does improving my home relate to self storage, you ask?

Well, what you may not know is that self storage is used by a huge number of people each year with the purpose of improving the look and feel of their homes. There are two main groups of people that can use self storage to this end; firstly, those that simply want to de-clutter excess furniture and other items, clean out the cobwebs and get get some more space back in their home. The second group are those people that want to take things a step further and transform their home by having building renovations or who are thinking of re-decorating.

So how does using storage help these people?

Let’s take the people that are simply de-cluttering first. These people go through each of their rooms at home and ask themselves the question, ‘Do I really need this in my home?’. To be clear, these are not things that they will get rid of (they may be items of sentimental value, for example),it’s just that they could just do with them out of the way in a safe and secure place.

The beauty of self storage is that we provide a safe, secure room that people can put their items into and hold the only key for – giving them privacy and complete peace of mind. What’s more – once someone’s items are in storage then they can visit their storage room as often as they like free of charge – so it’s not as if the items are packed away and can never be seen again! In fact – having a storage room is just like having an extra spare room at your house or flat.

One example of effective de-cluttering is to store out-of-season items such as Christmas decorations, camping gear or garden furniture and then simply get these items out of storage when the time of the year is right for their use.

Now let’s turn to the people who use self storage whilst having work done on the home. Whether you are getting a contractor to do the work or your are ‘doing-it-yourself’, getting furniture and other items out of the way first is a must. It will make the work go so much faster and will also eliminate the risk of causing any accidental damage to furniture whilst the work is progressing, whether that be chipping wood off table legs or getting paint splattered on your priceless antique Grandfather clock!

This is just a brief introduction to how using self storage can be an affordable, time saving and effective option when it comes to getting your house in order for 2014. For more information, please visit our main self storage website.