Our Leeds storage site is growing…

Leeds self storage site room expansion

Due to phenomenal demand for secure self storage rooms at our site in Leeds (located just a stones’ throw from the White Rose Shopping Centre) we’re delighted to announce that before the year is out we will be building a brand new extension of new rooms to our main storage area. This new section will include units of all sizes and be ready to accommodate both domestic household customers and businesses who need storage for a variety of reasons.

What drives the demand for storage?

People who are looking for storage can be divided into two main groups. Those who need storage for personal reasons (to store furniture for example) and those who need storage for their business. In Leeds, we have seen growth in both these types of customers and in this post we thought it would be useful for people to see a few of the examples of why a self storage room (or other storage solution) is growing as an option for people who need affordable extra space on flexible terms. So here goes:

  • Firstly, for individuals, couples and families who are moving house, it is often the case that their moving dates to not match up, so whilst they can perhaps stay with family in those intervening weeks and months – what they will do with all their possessions is a different matter. That’s where The Store Room come in. We provide a dry, safe and secure room for people to keep their items in whilst they are waiting to be able to move into their new place.
  • De-cluttering a house or flat is also a very popular reason why people use self storage. This is especially true when people are getting ready to sell their homes, because getting excess clutter out of the way when preparing for viewings will give a property a greater sense of space and often lead to a faster sale and also getting the price that you were looking for.

Those are just a couple of the reasons why people use us for personal storage, but what about businesses – why might they need storage? At our Leeds storage facility, here are some of the main purposes businesses use us for…

  • Storage of stock and samples – many of our business clients are online traders (including eBay and Amazon traders) who use their self storage room as a stock room to pick and pack their orders from. Many of these businesses start off by working from home but then grow to a point where getting off-site storage is the only sensible option. The great thing with self storage is that you have none of the hassle that goes with renting your own separate premises, such as utilities, business rates etc – you just pay for the space you need and get one bill – so you can focus on running your business.
  • Storage of archives and files is also major reason as to why businesses use us. Rather than use expensive commercial space that can be put to better use – then businesses rent an affordable self storage unit which makes their important documents accessible at a moments’ notice.
  • The last example to highlight (although there are many more besides) is businesses that use self storage for tools and equipment. Often small traders do not want to leave expensive tools and equipment in their vehicles overnight (or don’t want to be carrying items all the time that are only rarely used for certain jobs), so a small self storage unit is ideal. The trader can then simply pick up what they need for the day or week ahead and then when done, simply drop the items back into their storage unit – and then be safe in the knowledge that they are safe and secure ready for the next time they need them.

These are only a few of the reasons why customers are using our self storage site in Leeds (and at our other locations). If you would like to know more about how our Leeds team can help you or your business, please take a look at our Leeds website page for more information on storage.

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