Use That Extra Space For Something Productive!

Lots of us end up with extra space at home for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your kids have moved out; you’ve had a big clearout and now have your spare room back, or you just have too much space for your needs full stop. In this situation you might consider renting out some of that extra space in your home to earn some extra money. Our friends at offer a service where you can advertise your spare room (or any space in your home) for free. The site specialises in short term lets, which means you don’t have the commitment of a permanent lodger, but can rent out space for short periods to get yourself some extra pennies.

If you don’t have the space available right now, then taking some time out and de-cluttering some of the things that you don’t need on a day to day basis into a secure self storage room could be the answer. The benefit of self storage is that you will have easy and free access to your things if and when you need them – and even with one of our smaller rooms you will be surprised at the amount of stuff you can get in.

The reverse of this situation is where you may be in between houses and need somewhere to stay for a short period while your new place becomes available – if that is the case, then TempLettings will be sure to have some suitable accommodation to tide you over, without the expense of hotels or the commitment to a longer-term rental agreement. During this period you will likely have furniture and bulky items which you need to store before you move into your permanent accommodation. Again, a self storage unit in this case is the perfect solution as it provides a secure and flexible space for whatever time frame you need.

Thanks to Jo Richardson from TempLettings for her advice and help on this article – we’d encourage you to check out their website on the link above.