Self Storage and DIY

Here at The Store Room, a good proportion of our domestic household customers use us to store their furniture and other possessions whilst they are making improvements to their homes. Whether they are going down the ‘DIY’ route and taking on the work themselves, or getting someone in to do the work for them, a secure self storage room is the easiest way to ensure that none of their items are damaged whilst the work is taking place. I’ve been with our Manchester self storage team for almost 6 years now and the feedback I have had from customers in terms of the usefulness of a self storage room in these situations has been overwhelming.

Home Improvement Image
Self storage and home improvement – tools for the task!

Another added benefit of getting things out of the way is that it makes it so much easier and quicker to get whatever work needs doing done. Simply by having an arrangement in place where they are not in the position having to work around their clutter (or having to shuffle it from room to room), people are often amazed by how much time can be saved. If you are employing an outside firm to do any work, you often pay the workers by the day, so in the long run, self storage can actually save you money, due to the time saved completing the work.

The ‘DIY’ Generation

In this age of austerity in the UK, rather than move onto a new property, many people are investing their time in refreshing or even completely transforming their current abodes. Using their own creative flair for these projects is a good starting point – but sometimes you just need a bit of help and inspiration.

To that end, I decided to share my list of some of the best DIY and home improvement blogs and websites that I have come across, in the hope that our customers and readers who are looking to renovate will find some inspiration in them; or at the very least some useful, practical tips.

Inspiration – then perspiration!

I’d encourage you to take a look at some of the following blogs and websites and grab whatever ideas you can. Remember though – once you decide what you’re doing and you have your plan in place, you need to be ready to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in! So here goes…

It’s Great To Be Home – This blog chronicles ‘the adventures of a serial home improver’. It’s a fun read, and be sure to check out the ‘Projects and Tips’ section for some practical help.

The Everest Blog – This window behemoth also maintains a very useful blog, packed with advice, useful videos and interesting information.

House To Home – This website is a treasure trove of inspiration and ideas. With house tours, information archives and a shopping portal, this could we be called a one-stop-shop for all your interior design and DIY needs.

Rightmove Home Ideas – the ‘Home Ideas’ section of the Rightmove website is definitely worth a look. This website also allows you to create, save and share your own collections of content from the website.

Real Homes – This online version of the extremely popular magazine is another valuable source of information when planning your project. Check out their ‘How To’ section for some sterling guidance.

Over To You…

I hope you will find some of these resources useful – if I come across any more that catch my eye I will be sure to update this post – but in the meantime – good luck with your project and let us know how it turns out!