Business Storage Customer Focus

Over the next weeks and months we are introducing a new feature into our blog where we dedicate a post to one of our business storage customers and try to give you an insight into what they do, the services they offer and also how they use The Store Room to help their business.


This week, the business we are looking at isPink Sun – who provide healthy, essential and organic supplements online through Ebay, Amazon and their easy to use website

Please take a look at their website and the products they have to offer – we had a look and it was certainly an eye-opening read about what is available to people. Also, they have a discount offer on at the moment where you will get 12.5% off when you spend over £125 – so it’s well worth a look.

Pink Sun use our Bradford storage site to safely and securely store their stock, ready for when it is picked and the orders are sent out to their customers.

Michael Lane, from the company, had the following to say about the working relationship they have with our Bradford storage team:

“PINK SUN Ltd has been using The Store Room in Bradford for over a year now. Our storage needs have fluctuated greatly through this time but whether it is a small 75 sq ft lockable room, the larger 250 sq ft lockable rooms or bulk pallet storage, Allen, Stephen and the team have been more than accommodating. What’s more, we only pay for what we need!  Thanks for helping our business grow.”

Thanks very much for your kind words Michael.

The flexibility that we can offer business storage customers is the very reason why we are popular with them. As Michael said, this allows businesses to only ever pay for the space they need at any given time.

Please take a moment to have a look at Pink Sun’s website – we hope you or someone you know will find it useful.

Next time we will be highlighting another one of our customers in ‘Customer Focus’, so please keep an eye out for that. For now though, it’s goodbye from us!