The Home Of Self Storage

As you may already know if you are interested in self storage, the service first gained popularity in the United States from the 1950’s onwards – with a massive expansion due to public demand in the 1990’s. The numbers themselves are staggering; there are currently around 60,000 self storage facilities in the USA – providing over 2 billion square feet of space.


Whilst the concept of self storage is becoming more and more popular in other areas of the world (particularly here in the UK), America is still the world leader by a long, long way, with an estimated one-in-ten of the population renting a storage unit at any given time.

Blogged (About Self Storage) In The USA

As self storage companies have continued to grow and adapt over the last decade or so, many of our American counterparts in the industry have set up excellent websites to promote their services. A handful have also taken their online engagement to another level by blogging about what they do (as well as about other, sometimes totally random, subjects).

My name is Dan and I am the main blogger here at The Store Room (a UK based self storage operator), based at our Manchester self storage site. I thought it would be quite interesting to review some of the best self storage blogs from the United States that I have stumbled across during my recent web-surfing. In no particular order here are my favourite ones so far, and why I think they deserve a look by anyone remotely interested in our industry…


Extra Space Self Storage Blog – From one of the largest self storage providers in the world you’d expect nothing less than a first-class, informative and above all helpful blog – and that’s exactly what we have here. Packed full of time-, money- and space-saving tips, this is definitely one to bookmark and come back to.

Mini Storage Messenger Blog –  If your in the industry this blog is a treasure trove of interesting information, from real estate news, to financial news, to day-to-day operations. In fact this is more akin to a newspaper’s website than a blog due to the multiple daily updates and posts.


The Storage Facilitator – Calling this website simply ‘a blog’ would be doing it a massive disservice. It is made by professionals, for professionals in the self storage industry and the logical, straightforward and segmented layout, tone and approach gives you a clear structure to work with when navigating the myriad sections and categories.

Manhattan Mini Storage Blog – A household name in the city that never sleeps, Manhattan Mini Storage also has a blog (and a vibrant social media presence) that also does not seem to rest. Whilst many of their posts are aimed at their current or potential customers (with advice and helpful tips about moving and storage) – there are quite a few ‘left-field’ topics covered also (for example this post about a dog that saved a babies life!).

Everything Storage Blog – As the name suggests, this blog is packed full of useful articles for the self storage service user. Aimed at the domestic and/or family customer, the information here is presented in a clear, concise and simple way – which will always win people points in my book.

This list is by no means exhaustive – these are simply the best of the bunch that I have come across so far in my trans-Atlantic self storage blog-finding odyssey. If you know of any other great self storage blogs out there please let me know – just give me a shout in the comments below – and I would be delighted to review them and then do another write-up about them soon. For now – thanks for reading!