Confused sign for self storage

Dan from our Manchester self storage site is here to help

Whilst people’s general awareness of ‘self storage’ has certainly grown over the last few years, there are definitely also a good deal of people who just don’t know where to start when it comes to needing storage.

They know that they need a safe, secure and accessible place in which to put their belongings while they move, re-decorate or de-clutter, and they have heard of ‘self storage’ – but they don’t really know exactly how it works or what in fact it is.

To help these people we have created a handy storage guide in a ‘question and answer’ format where Dan from our self storage site in Manchester answers some of the most common questions that he has been asked by new customers during his tenure at our Salford base.

So….what do you want to know?

We have had some great feedback about this guide already and to give you a flavour of the information available, here are some of the types of questions that we answer:

“What does the ‘self’ part mean when it comes to self storage?”

“How can I be sure what size of storage room will be best for me?”

“If I need storage for business purposes – is that OK?”

In the guide we answer all these questions plus many more. If you’re completely new to self storage, or even if you have used the service before, the information in our self storage guide can be invaluable – so please take a look…

If we haven’t answered your question (which is certainly possible because we know that each persons’ individual requirements can be different – and to write down every possible variation would make our simple guide look more like a novel!) we have storage specialists available at all of our local sites ready to answer your specific questions and talk you through the process.

Either way, we are all about providing you with a secure space to keep the items that are important to you in – and however we can help you when it comes to storage we will!