Our Manchester storage site show off their musical side

At The Store Room we take a great deal of pride in the huge variety of items that we can store for people. Whether you are a business needing extra space or whether you need some storage for domestic reasons we will have a solution to meet your needs.

Storage of Musical instruments at our Manchester site

One type of storage that you might not have thought of that we can provide is the safe and secure self storage of musical instruments. Whether it be instruments from a full Orchestra that is taking a rest in the off-season, or whether it be a single music student just wanting to keep their prized instrument safe over the Summer break, we can cater for every eventuality. With us, as well as providing the space and just ‘leaving you to it’, we thought that we would share some of the tips that we have picked up from our musically-inclined customers over the years. In this post, Tracey, the manager of our Manchester self storage site tells us 5 of the useful tips that she has picked up for the safe storage of a variety of instruments.

Tips for storing musical instruments

 #1 Unless there is a good reason not to, instruments should be stored in a case designed specifically for them. If the case itself or the internal lining is not in decent condition, then acid-free tissue paper can be used to ‘pad out’ the inside of the case.

#2 Electric guitars should be dusted thoroughly before storage and before saying goodbye, tape up the output jack to prevent dust from getting inside.

#3 For both electric and acoustic guitars you should loosen the strings before placing them in storage.

#4 With pianos, again you should thoroughly dust these before placing them into storage, including inside where the strings are. Using a dust cover to the protect the piano whilst in storage is also a wise move.

#5 If you are storing written sheet music or even flash drives with music on them, these should be stored in airtight containers to avoid and degradation during long term storage.

We’re sure that their are many more great tips and tricks out there for the ideal storage of musical instruments – and we’d love to hear them. Hopefully we can pass them on to a future customer. If you do have any, feel free to drop them into the comments below and we’ll keep checking back to see what people have come up with!