The collecting obsession

We are definitely a society of people who ‘collect things’ – either on purpose because we are interested in a particular subject or by accident (i.e. the items we just naturally collect on our travels and in our daily lives).

There are people however who take the collecting obsession to a different level. These are what we would call ‘power-collectors’ – people who know everything about a particular subject and it’s their mission to amass every example and object they can get their hands on!

Comic Book collections in storage
Image credit: Popscreen

Our Manchester storage site know them well…

This type of person is well know to our staff who work at our self storage Manchester siteBecause we are able to store items safely and securely and provide easy access for our customers, a self storage unit is the ideal home for a variety of weird and wonderful collections – plus it ensures that their homes do not get taken over by their collections and start to look like a ‘theme house’!

Because most collections, when packed and stored in an efficient manner, usually take up a minimum of space a small storage room (perhaps 25 sq ft or 50 sq ft) is normally more than adequate for their needs.

What kinds of collections do people store?

We’ve seen all kinds over the years we have been open, but there are a few popular types that keep cropping up. There are the classic ones, such as comic books, miniature models, stamps and action figures, but there are also some more unusual ones that we have seen such as intricate Lego models fully assembled, 15 ft tall ‘Transformers’ models and even military vehicles from days gone by.

One thing all these customers can be sure of however is that their items will stay safe, private, organised and most importantly secure for as long as they need to keep them in self storage (which can be a long time!). We do have customers who take a less sentimental approach and look to simply buy these kinds of items in order to then sell them on at a profit – but the majority that we have met are people who got bitten by the collecting bug a long time ago and are loving every minute of it.

For more information about our Manchester storage site and the services (for collectors and otherwise!) they provide – give our Manager Tracey a call today on 0161 789 4679 and she will be delighted to help.