Prior preparation will always save you time (fact!)

In the self storage world that we inhabit here at The Store Room, we are often dealing with people that are making plans to move house. Many of these people come to us because they will be moving out of their current property they may not be able to move into their new one right away – so they come to us and store their items safely and securely until their new place is available. But before people get to that point of moving out of their current abode, there are several things that they can do in preparation for the whole moving process that will make the experience as hassle-free as it can ever be (let’s not kid ourselves – you’re still moving house!). The Store Room’s Manchester self storage experts  break down 3 extremely simple but very useful tactics you can employ when preparing to move…

Gather your information

A good place to start is to gather into a list all the utilities and other bills that you have in your name registered to your current address. With many companies you can transfer your details online or with a simple phone call. Don’t forget to take final readings on any meters before you leave – you don’t want to be paying for other people’s usage! Getting this ‘admin’ out of the way first can help keep your mind clear as moving day approaches.

Get the right packing supplies for the job

While it might be temptingly cheap to get your ‘moving boxes’ from the local supermarket by asking if they have any spare, these boxes are often poor quality (bear in mind keeping boxes of cereal secure and stable in transport is very different to keeping heavier items like books or DVDs secure!) and they will often be of different shapes and sizes and thus can be a nightmare to stack. A bit extra spent on quality boxes (which can be re-used over and over again in the future) can make the moving process so much easier and quicker.

Take a moment to measure

Something that is often overlooked is the simple task of making sure that the furniture you have will fit into your new property. It may sound stupid, but just don’t go off what you have seen during viewings – just because a particular section of your new home looks big enough to accommodate something it doesn’t mean that it is. The excitement of simply finding the right property can often cause you to not remember the details as they really are. Set aside some time to measure up the things that you have to make sure that the layout you imagine in your head can actually happen.

A big thank you to our self storage team in Manchester for sharing their sage advice – if you have any other ridiculously simple but effective tips then we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

That’s it form us – happy moving…