Self storage and the moving season

We are well into the season where many of our customers will be preparing to move house  – so our Manchester storage brigade thought they would share what some of the benefits are of using a secure self storage room while you are in the dreaded house moving process – and how the humble self storage unit could turn out to be your best friend throughout the period…

Our Manchester storage teams’ top examples

1. A self storage unit can be a lifeline for those times when moving dates haven’t quite matched up and you are left effectively ‘homeless’ for a few weeks or months. This is where we can help. The Store Room provide a safe, secure self storage room in which you can keep your furniture and other items in until you are able to move into your new place. What’s more – you can access your storage unit as much as you like while you are with us – all for no extra cost so if there are things that you need whilst you are in your housing ‘gap’ then you can easily pop in and grab them.

2. Another often-overlooked use for a self storage unit is for when you are preparing to sell your home. Many of our customers use a unit to clear out all their excess furniture and other bits and pieces prior to allowing viewings of their property. This creates an incredible sense of space in the property – and more space will more often than not encourage a faster sale, and a sale for a higher value. Let your home breathe!

3. More and more people are choosing to downsize properties these days for a variety of reasons – whether it’s because the kids have left home and you want somewhere more manageable to live, or whether it’s because you want to release some equity from the big old house – everyone’s doing it. Sometimes however this can cause a problem if you have a lot of possessions that are of sentimental value that you just won’t have room for any longer if you move to somewhere smaller. This is where a self storage unit at one of our secure sites can become the spare room you don’t have. Renting a small to mid-sized storage room gives you the space to keep all the items that you can’t or won’t throw away. And you can rest easy in the knowledge that they are completely secure.

4. The final benefit of self storage in the moving process that we wanted to include was for all those of you who are having work done on your properties. Whether you are getting someone in to do it or you are going the ‘DIY’ route, we all know that one thing that’s bound to slow you down is having to work around all your furniture. There’s also the increased risk of damage to those pieces whilst work is going on. By renting a self storage unit for a few weeks then you can create the space for the work to happen quicker and cheaper.

We hope these few uses of self storage for home movers give you some idea of how we can help you. Thanks again to the team at our Manchester self storage site for their input – if you have any more suggestions we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.