Reclaiming your home or your car using a storage room

When thinking of ‘storage for business’ people often assume that it is only companies that need to store large amounts of stock, equipment, tools or archives that would need to use our self storage services. If we take our Leeds storage site as an example – it is correct that many of our business clients in Leeds use us for those reasons, but there are a number of other types of business customer that may not spring instantly to mind. One of those types is the company ‘Trade Rep’ who travels around the regions with their collection of samples to show to their prospective clients.

How self storage makes life simple for Trade Reps

Many Trade Reps have an abundance of samples that they need to keep on hand to have ready to show to their clients when they go out and meet them. Depending on what industry you are in, this can run into hundreds of different styles, colours, models for whatever their product is.

Traditionally, Reps have been in the position of having to keep all of these samples in their private homes (or worse keep them in the boot and back seats of their cars). This ensures that they always have what they need to show to their customers on hand at a moments notice – but it also leads to clutter at home, clutter in the car, often a general level of disorganisation and a struggle to find what they are looking for quickly. To top it off, there is the obvious problem of being ‘surrounded’ by work when you are at home.

This is where The Store Room can help. We provide a secure self storage room in which the Rep can organise their inventory of samples so that their items are easy to find. The Rep can then collect the specific things they need for the day or for the week during our extensive opening times – and leave the rest behind (safe in the knowledge that their items are secure).

The Rep holds the only key to the storage room, but if they want a colleague to have access then that is easily arranged – plus we have trolleys available at all times to move items from their room to their car.

We have had many Reps use and continue to use our services – and they have all found it immensely helpful…and can now decide what to do with the spare room at home now that the endless stacks of boxes and clutter is gone!

We used our Leeds self storage site as an example in this post but we serve Reps at all of our locations. Give your local site a call today to find out how they can help you.