Self storage services for students

You might be forgiven for thinking that Summer (or even Spring for that matter) is never going to come around this year based on what the weather has been like recently. But, the calendar waits for no-one, and Summer will soon be upon us.

Every year The Store Room serves a huge number of student customers who need safe, secure storage of their personal possessions over the Summer break.

With the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) literally a stones’ throw away from their site, no-one is better placed than our self storage site in Preston to tell us more about why students use their services over the summer months.

Why Students? Why Self Storage?

According to our team in Preston, there are are 2 main types of student customers that use their service:

1. Those students that are moving to a new hall of residence or house in the new university term –  and rather than struggle taking all of their items with them back home to their parents, they put their possessions into a secure self storage unit and then simply pick them up when they return again in September or October.

2. The second type of student customer that benefits from our service is the ‘International Student’. These are students that are studying her in the UK but come from abroad and who travel back to their home countries during term breaks. Rather than pay expensive shipping or excess baggage costs, they too keep their items in self storage whilst they are away and can then easily collect them when they return to England.

We offer secure self storage options for both these types of student customers at our locations and our prices start from as little as £6 per week. Visit our student storage page for more details.