‘Word of mouth’ and self storage

We know from past experience that nothing is more valuable than ‘word of mouth’ recommendations from current and past customers in terms of encouraging more people to use our self storage services. Indeed, after a discussion with our Manchester self storage site, it turns out a great number of our present customers were themselves referred to us by someone who themselves had used our services in the past and had then recommended us.

Rewarding recommendations (and not just in Manchester!)

This fact led us to introduce our popular ‘Refer A Friend’ scheme. This is not just available in Manchester, but at ALL of our self storage locations. The scheme basically rewards our current customers who refer someone to us, who then ends up using our services. This is a great way to reward our customers and say ‘thank you’ for sending their friends who need storage our way.

Specifically, if you are currently storing with us you just need to do the following:

1. If you know someone who needs storage (it could be a friend, family member or colleague from work), tell them about us and when that person makes an enquiry with us, ask them to tell us that it was YOU who referred them to us.

2. If the person you have referred to us decides to use our services, then as long as they stay with us for 8 weeks or longer you will receive the choice of a great reward at the 8 week point.

3. The first option is that you can choose is to have £50 taken off your next storage invoice (not bad, eh!).

4. OR, you can choose to receive £50 in gift vouchers for a retailer of your choice – so that could be B & Q, M & S, Next, John Lewis, iTunes…. the list goes on and on, and the choice is always yours.

For more information, speak to your local storage site manager – also, Dan from our Manchester storage site made this video about the scheme that explains how it works.

Leave us a comment if you have any suggestions about our scheme or even better, tell us what you would do with the £50 reward!