Our Preston self storage team goes down memory lane…

While there has never been such a thing as a ‘standard’ self storage customer for us (as everyone’s precise requirements are usually different), there have been a few things that we have been asked to store over the years that even we have had to say – “Now that’s strange!”. With the help of our Preston self storage team (who have been on a long trip down memory lane trying to remember some of their strangest storage items) we have picked out a few that really stood out.

Handpicked: The ‘strangest’ self storage list ever

#1 Formula 1 comes to The Store Room

Ever wanted to try out for yourself the excitement and adrenaline rush that you see when you watch the F1 cars screaming around Silverstone or Monaco? Well there’s a company that does that! F1 Showcars lets people experience the thrill of the twists and turns of the worlds’ most famous tracks – and when the simulators are not in use, we keep the safe and sound in self storage.

#2 The tank. Yes, the tank.

This is one of our Preston self storage site’s all time favourites. This de-commissioned military tank was stored at their site for a few weeks while the owner (clearly a transport and military history enthusiast) found a permanent home for his newest acquisition.

#3 The Transformer

What happens when you win a 15 ft tall ‘Transformers’ model in a competition, but don’t have anywhere to keep it? That was the problem one of our self storage customers faced when they were the lucky winner of the pictured item. Luckily, we were able to provide him with a safe and secure environment in which to keep his impressive prize. Unfortunately for the customer, unlike in the movie, this model was not able to transform itself into a car or something else more practical.

Do you need self storage?

We hope you enjoyed these few examples of some of the most unusual items we have stored for our customers. If you think that you could benefit from self storage in Preston (even if it is for storing items of the more traditional variety) then please get in touch with Rain, Michael or Rachel on 01772 558 510.