One of the things we have always found to be true is that it is VERY surprising the amount of items that will fit into one of our self storage rooms. People often see the things they want to store spread out around their property and overestimate the amount of space they think they will need when it comes to storing.

Top Self-Storage Tips

So – to help people make the most out of their storage space, our Preston self storage team gave us some of their ‘Top Tips’ for when it comes to packing your storage room…

1. One of the simplest things people can do is make sure their storage boxes are approximately the same dimensions so that they will easily stack one on top of another. This will make it easy to utilise the height of the self storage room when stacking.

2. Use strong, double walled storage boxes, such as the boxes we sell here at the store room. This will ensure that the boxes will not collapse and damage any of the items inside.

3. Where possible, remove the legs off things such as tables and beds. This will greatly reduce the amount of space these items will take up.

4. If you are storing cupboards or wardrobes, don’t forget about the space that is inside these! It’s there so use it…

5. Heavy items such as books, crockery or glass ornaments should be stored in smaller boxes to make it easy to lift and move them.

5. When you are filling boxes try and fill them completely and fill in any gaps that are left. This will help the boxes remain stable when you are stacking them.

6. This may seem obvious – but make sure you keep any items you will need regular access to at the front of your storage room!

7. Label all your boxes clearly – this will make things SO much easier when you come to move your items again.

8. You can save a lot of space by storing your sofas ‘on their end’ – protect them with a sofa cover too.

9. With mattresses, always use a mattress cover and plan where the best place to put the mattress is. It may be the case that it can go in last and sit on top of other items.

10. Use bubblewrap to protect glass and and breakable items.

11. Heavy items such as cookers, washing machines and the like should be stored first as these can make an excellent base for stacking on.

12. Remember to defrost any freezers or ice boxes, and make sure that you have cleared all the excess water out of washing machines and dishwashers.

We hope these tips from our Preston gang help you along the way in your storage journey. If you would like to find out more about our team then visit their very own ‘Self Storage Preston‘ page on our website.

If you have any comments or other useful tips then we’d be delighted to hear from – happy packing!