To those of us who work day-to-day in the self storage industry, the benefits of self storage seem obvious. Of course everyone understands how we can help them and how self storage is what they’ve been searching for all their lives. Surely they MUST understand……..don’t they?

First Time Self-Storage

The truth is the first time many people come down to our self storage sites is the first time they will have ever seen how such a service REALLY works. They may have a vague idea of what ‘storage’ means, but chances are they won’t know just how many different types of people use self storage or for what different purposes. Our Leeds self storage team helped us out by providing some insight into what some of their customers are using their services for.

Self Storage Infographic

We’ve put the information into a handy infographic (that means ‘pretty picture’ to you and me) so if anyone ever asks you what self storage is then you can just point them in the direction of this here blog post! We’d love to get your feedback so comments are welcome if you think we’ve missed anything out.



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