So, you’ve typed in Storage Leeds or Storage Manchesterto Google and you’re looking for the best storage deal in your local area….

Look no further – you’re here! At the store room, we are confident that we are now the cheapest self storage operator in town, and in this post, we will explain why. When you’ve read the article – don’t take our word for it – we challenge you to ask around and try and find a better deal. Not many self storage companies would urge you to go and look at the competition – but we do, that’s how confident we are that what we’re offering WILL be the best deal you will find, whether you’re looking for Storage Leeds or Storage Manchester, or in any of the towns and cities where we have our secure storage sites.

Firstly, we’ve just introduced a fantastic offer where we will give you YOUR FIRST 4 WEEKS OF SELF STORAGE FREE – all you have to do is store with us for a minimum of 8 weeks and you will qualify for this incredible discount. As we know from experience that most of our customers need storage for 8 weeks or more, this deal should benefit the vast majority of you out there, who are looking to use storage for whatever reason. Whether you need it because you are moving but there is a gap in your chain, or if you want to de-clutter your home as you are planning to sell and want to create space, or even if you are a small business in need of extra storage space for stock, tools or equipment – this 4 WEEKS FREE deal is for everyone.

Secondly, in our last blog post on VAT & storage, we explained that our local competitors have recently increased their prices by up to 20%, due to the fact that from 1 October this year, they are now obliged to charge VAT on storage. The great news is that we at the store room have always charged VAT on storage – therefore our prices will not be changing, guaranteed!

So there you have it – not only have we got an incredible self storage deal where our customers get their FIRST 4 WEEKS FREE, we also have the advantage of not having to increase our prices to our customers, like our competitors have been forced to do. If you would like more information about our storage services then simply give us a call and speak to one of our trained storage specialists on 0800 158 5333.