If you’ve found this blog post there’s a good chance you have been searching online for storage Leeds or something else storage related in your local area.

If you are, then there’s a very important piece of information that you need to be aware of. From October this year (in just a couple of weeks’ time in fact), our competitors in the local Leeds storage area will be increasing their prices by up to 20%.

How do we know this you ask? Well, up until now, there was a loophole in the VAT system that meant that certain storage companies could get away without charging VAT to their customers. This loophole has now been closed, so that from 1 October, all storage companies will have to charge VAT on storage.

The great news is that we, the store room, have ALWAYS charged VAT to our customers so this cost has always been part of our prices.

Now, even before the change in the system, we believed we were the best value storage provider in the Leeds storage area (and in our other 5 locations for that matter), but now we can confidently say that we ARE the best value option for secure, indoor self storage rooms in the area. We are so confident in fact that if you have a quote from one of our competitors, we GUARANTEE to be cheaper than them!

So, if you are looking for storage in Leeds, please give one of our specialists a call today on 0800 158 5333 and take our VAT challenge! The challenge is simple – find a better quote than ours that includes VAT – we invite you to ask around!