With the current housing market as it is, more people are choosing to improve their current property rather than go through the stress of moving house. In a recent customer survey, our Manchester storage site team found that this was the case now more than ever.

There was a recent TV programme “Don’t Move, Improve“, showing people how to identify the potential of their home and, with expert help, make them realise they can get what they want by staying put and making use of growing services such as self storage.

Extensions, loft conversions, conservatories and changing the layout of a house are all options to make your current home your dream home without moving anywhere! But what do you think?

Selling property in this market can take time and you may need to store while you sell or while you are in between moves. So if you can’t move to a new house straightaway, improving the one you’ve got might be the way forward – and if you do it the right way by separating and de-cluttering excess items (see our recent blog), to give a greater feeling of space- for example by making use of a safe, secure storage unit in Manchester – or at another of our locations),will add a lot of value to your home when you do come sell.

Do you have any further thoughts about the pros and cons of moving or improving?

And if you do need storage when moving or improving you can call our Manchester storage site on 0800 158 5333 to find out about the services that we offer in the area.