Archiving is one of those things that we never know how far to go with. Keeping documents stored safely can be vital for the growth of the business.  As a business you need to know where you are going, where you have been and where you are at right now. Our Leeds storage site has put together some useful thoughts and advice in relation to archive storage for business, and they are summarised below…

The general rule is 7 years worth of records are needed for all documents relating to the Government, Tax, VAT, Payroll and Accounts, but many companies who store with us have found it increasingly beneficial to keep other customer and business records for reference purposes.

Now more than ever, archive storage of hard copy documents, files and boxes is seen as a natural and cost-effective solution for businesses not only in Leeds but all over the UK. Almost every company will benefit from keeping files and paper records in archive storage. Contracts, leases, old photos and patient records are just some of the irreplaceable documents that must be kept as hard copies and, in many cases, archive storage is a statutory requirement.

Why archive?

  • Keeping current and past customers account and order details can help enable you to find new revenue opportunities and put together useful packages for new customers
  • To recall figures at the drop of a hat (or the collection of an archive box) to help secure a new contract with on hand examples
  • Make a historic record of your business for future generations
  • Paper archiving can be invaluable if technology ever fails

Archiving your company documents can really help you understand your businesses’ strengths and weaknesses – where your business has been, where it is now and where you can take it in the future!

Now it’s over to you, do you have any useful advice for storing your archive material?

For more details about our archive storage service, or any of our other business storage solutions simply give us a call today on 0800 158 533. Again many thanks to our team at our Leeds storage site for their help with this post!