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Self Storage

Get some space into your life.....


Fed up with all the clutter?

Free up some space at home

Put your things into storage and reclaim the spare room or garage!

Moving house?



Take the stress out of moving house

Put non-essential things into storage before you move

Take them to your new house after you have moved 

New house not ready?


Stuck between house moves?

Waiting for the new house to be built?

Put your things into storage whilst renting or staying with a friend

Working on the house?



Renovating or doing a house project?

Get your stuff out of the way

Keep it safe whilst the work is being done


Why use the store room?

Secure Storage


Security for your items is our number one priority

Our buildings are secure and have state of the art security systems including alarms and CCTV

All items are put into secure storage rooms which are locked with a padlock. You keep the key so we do not have access to your things. The room is for you and no-one else has access

Friendly & Helpful Staff



All staff are here to help and will look after you throughout your stay

We often do things that are "above and beyond" what you would expect  

We are genuinely nice people who care about what we do 

Local and Convenient


All of our self storage sites are on busy main roads and are easy to find and get to

All of our staff come from the local area so we know what is happening locally

We have a choice of different self storage rooms - from the size of a phone box up to the size of a tennis court and everything in between.


87 percent of our self storage customers rate us as excellent

 We are very different from the competition and here's why:

  • Over 97% of our customers say that they had a great experience with us

  • Over 87% rate us as excellent!
  • We have had over 10,000 customers since we opened in 2007 and that's because.....
  • We love customers and we look after them because we realise that they pay our wages

 So, if you're looking for self storage or business storage, please get a quote today

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