The Store Room

Self Storage Advice & Help


What is self storage?

We provide you with a safe, secure and accessible room

You store the items that are important to you in the room

We look after your things as if they were our own

What does the 'self' part mean?



We provide the building, the rooms, the security and the peace of mind

You provide the physical part of bringing the items to our site

You put the items into your storage room

Who uses self storage?


Over 500,000 people use self storage every year in the UK

People use it whilst moving house, de-cluttering, renovating or downsizing

Small and large businesses use it for a variety or reasons

How is access to the rooms controlled?



We offer PIN-controlled access doors that lead to our self storage rooms

You need a personal security number to open these doors

You don't need to register or call in advance to access your room

How often can I visit my storage room?


Once you are set up on the security system you can come and go as often as you like

Access is free and unlimited

You have complete control over the moving of your items to and from your room

Who has access to my storage room?



Only you have access to your storage room

The padlock on the room is your own, and you keep the key

We do not have access to your things - ever

Where are my items stored?


We offer individual, lockable, steel-walled storage rooms

The rooms are in a clean, dry, bright and modern building

Our sites are all on main roads with excellent transport links

Will my items be safe?



Yes! Security is our number one priority

We have 24 hour CCTV, PIN controlled access and state of the art alarm systems

We have trained staff on site at all times when we are open

How long can I store for?


You can store for as long or as short a time as you like

We have customers who have been with us for over 7 years

We also have people who just need us for a few weeks

Am I tied in for a long period?



No - absolutely not!

We charge on a 4-weekly basis, but we only ask for 14 days notice to end a contract

When you leave, any storage time you have paid for and not used will be refunded

How do I pack my storage room?


You can pack your storage room however you like

Our staff will always advise you on the best way to stack your items

We will give you the size you need so you are not paying for space you don't use

Do you sell packaging materials?



Yes we do - we have a large selection available at all our locations

We have boxes, tape, bubble wrap and much more on site

You can take a look at this list of the packaging materials we sell

How do I know what room size I need?


You can visit our online quote system and take a look at the sizes

Call the number at the top right of this page and speak to a local storage specialist

You can also visit your local storage site and our team will show you around

Can you hold a room until I need it?



Yes - you can reserve a storage room ready for when you need it

This will guarantee the availability of the room and fix price

You can reserve online, over the phone or in person at our site

What if I don't know when I will need it?


That is fine - our storage reservations are completely flexible

You can simply give us a rough date when you reserve

If you need to change your move in date or cancel your reservation you can, and this is free to do

Is it complicated to set up a contract?



No - it just takes 5 minutes and you are taken through it by one of our team

On your move in day there's just a few things you need to bring with you

When you contact us, our team will take you through what to bring

Do my items need to be insured?


Yes, your items must be insured whilst in storage

Some household and business policies do cover items in storage

We can extend our insurance policy to your goods for a small fee

What can you do for businesses?



We offer large and small storage rooms for businesses of all sizes

You can work from our site - we have workshops and offices available

Take a look at our business storage section for full details on what we offer to businesses

You've not answered my question!


Simply give your local storage site a call on the number at the top of right of this page

Or send us an email

Or visit your local storage site and we will answer all your questions (and make you a tea or a coffee!)