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The Store Room - Self Storage Prices

Self storage is an excellent way to free up some space in your home. Whether you're besieged by clutter, a bit of a hoarder, or wish to reclaim a spare room or garage, there are many reasons why self storage can be a fantastic idea.

If you're looking for brilliant self storage prices, check out The Store Room. With 86% of customers rating us as excellent, we can create a quote based on the type of storage you want, the amount of room you need, and the length of time you need. With prices dependent on how long you keep your stuff with us, we can offer appropriate and fair pricing for your storage. If you're looking to decorate a room (or several) you can opt to keep it for one month or less. If doing more serious de-cluttering, items can be kept for 3 months and beyond.  With price also dependent on the size of room, you can get the exact quote you're looking for.

Your stuff is guaranteed to be safe with us. Our buildings are completely secure, with state of the art security systems and CCTV. The rooms in which your items are kept are locked with padlocks, of which only you keep the key.

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