The Store Room

Self Storage Services in Preston

The security of your assets is important to you but sometimes we just gather too much in the way of 'stuff'.

From fine art paintings to a place to store important business documents, a self-storage facility will provide the space you need for all your assets.

Self-storage units are typically used by households and individuals who need a space in which to store belongings in the event of death, divorce or moving house, but now an increasing number of small businesses are using them, drawn in by the short notice periods, signed for deliveries, low overheads and flexibility. As a rule, you should only ever pay for what storage space you need.

Whatever your reason for wanting self-storage, the team at The Store Room make it easy for you to find a safe space in which to store your goods for as long as you need to. We provide storage solutions for home owners, students, travellers, business owners or people who just need some space.

For self-storage services in Preston look to The Store Room.