The Store Room

With today's generation more mobile than ever, it's no surprise that self-storage is becoming increasingly handy. Ideal for both individuals and households, self-storage is also invaluable for businesses uprooting and moving to pastures new.

Popular in both the UK and across the pond, they are a stopgap solution for those needing to get organised. Cramped modern housing is another reason self-storage is an ideal solution for your storage needs.

Whether decorating your home and needing to free up space, going through a divorce, moving in with a spouse, or graduating and finding your life in transit, The Store Room can help. Whatever your reasons, we guarantee your possessions will be safe with us. With people leaving their possessions in self-storage longer than ever, you want a company you can trust.

With summer the busiest time to move, we can guarantee the cheapest self-storage available. We have a wide choice of storage facilities to suit your individual needs. From small storage lockers to rooms bigger than a removal van, no matter the amount, we can accommodate.

We also ensure you only ever pay for the space you need. No wonder 97% of customers recommend us! Get in touch today.