The Store Room

Cheap Self Storage

It's a fact of life, none of us ever have enough storage space in our homes or places of work.

Any available loft, garage or shed space invariably becomes a collecting ground for all of our excess stuff or 'must-keep' items, but these places soon become full and are often bursting at the seams. When this happens, what do you do? Answer: rent a storage room from The Store Room.

The Store Room can provide you with a self-storage room in which to keep your items safely and securely. You can store almost anything with us (as long as it is legal); you can access everything at times to suit you; and you will be the only person with a key to your self-storage unit. All self-storage facilities are monitored by round the clock security, while you can choose the size of the storage room and the length of stay you require.

Self-storage is the best way to de-clutter and gain some extra space in your everyday environments. If you desperately need more space or a secure place in which to house even your most valuable of possessions, go for quality of service and go for economy with The Store Room.