The Store Room


We have had many small businesses take workshops and storage units from us over the last 12 months. As their businesses have grown, they have needed more space than when they first started out, and the logical choice was to come to a space provider, like us, who offers flexible rooms on very flexible terms. Grow your business with us and only ever pay for the space that your business needs.

Workshop Locations

We offer workshops and new business start up units at our locations in Rotherham, Manchester, Leeds, Preston, Bradford and Leicester. So, if you have outgrown your space at home, or have found that inflexible long-term leases are not what you want, then please give us a call and one of our business storage specialists will help you.

We have a completely open mind on what space we can give you, and our first priority will be to help you solve your space problem. You would be amazed at what solutions we have come up with for some of our business customers!

We have:

  • Standalone workshops
  • Individual Offices
  • Combination rooms that have an office within a workshop

Whilst some customers prefer to take a small office in the office area and a small storage room in the self storage section...

The choice is yours to make! Our aim is always to offer as much assistance to entrepreneurs as possible.

Our prices are very competitive and we offer an ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE (with the exception of electricity which is metered and charged for separately). Our all inclusive prices include

  • Buildings insurance
  • Rates
  • Security

By the time you add all these factors in, we are the same as if you rented the warehouse yourself. But we take away all of the hassle associated with the space, which leaves you more time to focus on your business.

If you would like to know more about what we do, then please give us a call now and we will be delighted to talk through the options with you.