How To Get An Instant Manchester Self Storage Quote

Our New Self Storage Website

Since the launch of our new website a couple of months ago, one of the most popular features has been our online self storage quote system – which allows visitors to our Reserve self storage onlinewebsite to get a quick quote for the storage they need in less than a minute. Although the system is very simple and straightforward, we thought we’d put together a little ‘how to’ guide to answer any questions that people might have when they are using the system and choosing the options that are right for them.


Get a quote for the Manchester self storage site

Let’s say that you are interested in getting some space at our Manchester self storage site. First, lets assume you are on our ‘Self storage Manchester‘ website page. To get started, simply click the ‘Get A Quote’ button that you will see on the centre-right of your screen:

Manchester self storage quote click through

This will then take you into the quote system itself. Next, select which of our locations is best for you – in this case it will be our self storage site in Manchester (if you need to find out our opening hours, contact details or get directions you can simply refer back to our Manchester self storage page at any time). Use the drop down menu to select ‘Manchester’, and this will then open up the next set of options, which starts with selecting the room size you need.

Questions in the Manchester self storage quote process

If you already know the size of unit that is right for you, then you can simply select that size from the drop down menu. If you are unsure on what size will be best, you can scroll through a variety of sizes using the ‘Smaller Room/Bigger Room’ function underneath the picture. There is also a brief description of what the room is suitable for on the left of the screen to help you along. If you need to change your room size at a later time that is fine – we want to offer you as much flexibility as possible.

You can of course at any time also give our Manchester site a call on 0161 789 4679 and they will be able to advise you on what room size is best for you based on the items that you need to store.

Once you are happy and have selected the size you think will be best, there are just a few quick questions to answer to enable us to give you the best quote possible for your needs:

Some extra self storage questions to complete the quote

Firstly, we just ask for you tell us if the storage space is for your personal use or if it is for your business storage needs. For the next box, use the small calendar icon to select when you think you will need your storage space from (if you don’t know an exact date don’t worry! Just enter your best guess at this point). Then, for the last box, tell us how long (approximately) you think you will need the storage for.

Finally, click ‘Next’. You will then be asked for a few details so we can personalise your quote for your storage space in Manchester (or at your selected location) and then you will see your self storage quote right there on the screen.

Happy with your self storage quote? Reserve your space there and then

When you see your self storage quote, you will also have the option to reserve your chosen room on-line and for free. This will guarantee that the space will be available for you on your chosen date and will also lock in your price until you need the space. We will email you a confirmation of your reservation details also. If at any point in the process you have any questions or are not sure on something, give our Manchester self storage team a call on 0161 789 4679 and they will be there to help you.