Self Storage Goals – The Minimalist Home

The Self Storage Journey

Self storage and the minimalist homeWhen a potential customer starts their journey with us, they often visit their favourite internet search engine and type in something like “Self Storage Preston” or “Self Storage Leeds“. But sometimes, what we don’t think about is that the decision to store their items with us is often part of a larger desire to regain their home and give themselves back both the physical and mental space that they have lost.

Self Storage and De-Cluttering

One of the reasons that crops up time and again in our dealings with our customers is their desire to use one of our storage rooms in order de-clutter their home, whether that be in preparation for a sale or a move, or simply to give them more usable space in their current property. As with all things however, there are people who take the ‘minimalist’ approach a bit too far. We’ve looked into this, and across the globe there are minimalist properties that can be ¬†described as beautiful, ugly, somewhere in between, or just plain odd. We collected some images of some striking exterior and interior designs that we’ve seen and put them below. We have our own opinions on some of these, but as always we’d love to hear what you think!

Dupli Casa - Germany
Dupli Casa – Germany [image source:]
Minami Boso
Minami Boso – Japan [image credit: ]

Cube House - Jalisco, Mexico
Cube House – Jalisco, Mexico [ image credit: ]

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil [ image source: ]
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan [image credit: ]
Convex House, Spain
Convex House, Spain [ image credit: ]